Why Peak Wyld Co?

Peak Wyld Co.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Jocelyn McDonald


An outdoor enthusiast who thrives off of inspiring others to enjoy the great outdoors.


Guiding is about taking care of people in the mountains. It’s about teaching people new skills, and guiding them deep in the wild miles away from your average trail. My mission is to provide an unforgettable wilderness experience for all our clients. I have created these events in Northern, BC to inspire people to enjoy the mountains the best way I know how in the Northern Rockies. I feel honored to show people how to gear up and head out into the wild for a couple days or even weeks at a time. These events are meant to be filled with inspiration for others to get outside and to show them they are more capable of enjoying the great outdoors, as well as giving them the survival tips needed to enjoy them in the wild and stay safe.  Our clients are the focus of this company. 

Why Mountains?

The reason I chose mountains to find my passion in is because their beauty is unlike anything else on this planet. I swear I can feel every bit of stress and worry melt away with each step up. To me, mountains are absolute peace and happiness. The rush when you get to the top and the sense of accomplishment is a feeling that I will never find anywhere other than the mountains. No matter how hard the hike, it is worth the struggle every time. The mountains allow peace and tranquility to flow through my bones, making me see things from different perspectives. They remind me what is important in life. At the same time, at the top of the mountain is where I see how small we really are and what really matters. I hope to show everyone this feeling of gratitude.

Logo - The Original

The ewe mountain sheep represents strength and motherhood. Anyone who has been hunting for this animal knows the strength it takes to come out with a treasure, and a lifetime memory. The climb will test your limits, but your limits will surprise you on how far you can take yourself physically and mentally. The lamb is faced with many challenges at a young age but a ewe teaches her baby how to survive the wildest elements.

The flowers represent two incredible women in my life, my grandmother and mother. My grandma passed away and her favourite flower was roses. Her front yard had the most vibrant yellow roses that you ever did see. She will always have a big piece of my heart that will be cherished forever. My mom has always been my biggest role model, she is on of the hardest workers I know. Her favourite flower is and always will be lillies. While these flowers show vulnerability and perseverance to me, it will always make me be the best person I can be knowing that hard work does pay off.

The mountains represent a place where I will always call home. Untouched by humans, pure in its beauty. They can help you rediscover the beauty of nature, and how nature can create life itself. They teach you the importance of slowing down and feeling the sun on your face and back. The sounds that soothe your nerves will always speak louder than words. No picture can truely showcase the beauty of what your seeing with your own eyes .