Wild Women Take The North

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Wild Women Take The North

July 21 @ 10:00 am - July 29 @ 12:00 pm



British Columbia, Canada


The Muskwa Kechika is a vast wilderness area comprised of 6.4 million hectares filled with immense boreal forests, unnamed mountain peaks and fast-moving rivers, all of which extend for hundreds of kilometres in any direction. Join us as us Wild Women head deep into the heart of the wilds on a 7-backpacking trip into Wokkpash Lake in Stone Mountain Provincial Park.

The trip will begin at the MacDonald Valley Trailhead at kilometre 632 of the Alaska Highway in Stone Mountain Provincial Park and will take us through approximately 50-60 kilometres of wilderness to our final destination, Wokkpash Lake. Once we arrive at Wokkpash Lake, a couple of days will be enjoyed for fishing and exploring this remote wilderness lake. Ending the trip, we will be shuttled out via floatplane from Wokkpash Lake into Muncho Lake. This flight through this remote part of the Rockies is a trip in itself. Once we arrive at the lake, where we will venture off to Liard River Hot Springs to finish off the trip relaxing. With a one-night stay at the world-famous Muncho Lake Lodge.

This trip will test you, challenge you and more importantly change you. Becoming completely self-sufficient, relying on nothing but our own legs and what we can carry on our backs, we women will complete a trek that instills a new sense of outlook on what we are capable of. As such, a trip like this is taken very seriously by Peak Wyld Co and safety is of the utmost importance. Due to the nature of the trip, distance to cover and type of terrain, experience in hiking is an asset.

A lengthy distance will be covered on foot and will require participants to carry a heavy pack with all of the equipment, gear and food for a 7-day trip into the Rockies. Steep inclines will be encountered, as well as river crossings on foot. While there are challenges that will be presented to participants; safety is of the utmost importance to Peak Wyld Co.

The mentality of the group on a trip like this is to enjoy ourselves and the hike, to embrace the challenges and more importantly work together as a group with no woman left behind or feeling as they are slowing down the group. Plenty of time has been allotted to hike to our final destination, Wokkpash Lake, before pickup by the floatplane.

Dates will be finalized in October. Note days can change by a day or two. 


Guided backpacking tour into Wokkpash Lake, BC with two experienced guides with knowledge of the area.

1-Night Stay at Muncho Lake Lodge.

3-Course dinner.

Buffet styled breakfast.

1 Float plane from Wokkpash Lake, BC to Muncho Lake, BC.

A tour of the Northern Rockies by air. 

Shuttle from Muncho Lake to Liard River Hot Springs. 

Pizza once we get to the lodge for lunch. 

Door prizes.

Peak Wyld Co swag.

Multiple river crossings.

Admission into Liard River Hot Springs. 

Night star gazing. 

A week spent in your tent & moving camp almost every day. 

Knot tying and survival skills.

$5 from every booking goes towards the Northern Rockies Trails Society. 

Shared photo album between everyone. 

First aid kit, emergency supplies, and a communication device carried by guides. 

1 group Zoom meeting to discuss gear packing and any questions you may have. Zoom meeting details will be emailed out closer to the date.

Day 1 – Arrive at the Fort Nelson Visitor Centre for a meet and greet at 10:00 AM MST, check in and make our way to the trailhead for an 1.5 hour drive for a safety meeting and to start our trek in. We’ll be having a slow morning getting going, bags adjusted, weighed, bear spray course, and safety precautions reviewed. 

Day 2-7 – We pack up and make our way on the trail for 10 AM every morning unless noted by the guide. Weather is a huge factor in what we do each day. Plenty of time is alloted to get us to the lake so we are in no rush and take the trails day by day. There is no set km’s for each day. 

Day 8 – 2 trips will be made from Wokkpash Lake to arrive at Muncho Lake, BC. Once you arrive you’ll receive your room key with rooms already assigned. There will be 2-4 in a room. Once you get to Muncho Lake you’ll be catered to some delicious homemade pizza, we will then proceed to go to the Liard River Hot Springs for a world class soak in a natural hot spring. When we arrive back at the Lodge we will have a 3-course meal made by the local chef. A food menu will be given prior to trip. Finishing off the night with a walk on the water with the girls to a local hunny hole on the lake. 

Day 9 – Enjoy a lovely breakfast and coffee at 8:00 AM to end our trip before we get shuttled to the trailhead. Shuttle will be leaving at 9:00 AM. It will be about an hour ride. 


Fee: $1750 + GST = $1837.50

Refund Policy: You will be required to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit to confirm your spot. There will be no refunds on your deposit. You will have until April 15, 2024 to complete your full payment or else spot will be cancelled due to lack of payment. Any bookings after April 15, 2024 payment must be made in full. Any cancellations after April 15, 2024 will receive NO refund. 

How do I pay? Click BOOK NOW at the top of the page!

We accept email transfers. Please send to jocelyn@peakwyldco.ca. 

Want to arrange a credit card payment, please contact us directly at the same email address above and we will get that sent to you! Credit card fees applied.

What if the trip gets cancelled? 

If cancelled due to ‘act of god’, your credit will be moved to a future date.  


LIGHTWEIGHT TENT (2 Person) – $50  

JETBOIL + 1 Canister – $50 





How is the water?

No lack of water on this trip. A 2L bladder and 1 L size water bottles will be enough for carrying. Once at the lake I highly recommend filtering the lake water as I have seen it very mercury in colour and it all depends on the weather. The rivers can come up and turn the river brown and grey from runoff. Always safe to carry a filter when going into the backcountry.

Where do we meet?

Fort Nelson Visitor Centre – 10 AM – July 21, 2024

Do we have fires every night?

It all depends on what the current situation is with wildfires. It’s great to know before you go, when it comes to fire bans. Some areas on the trail we won’t be having fires no matter what the ban’s current situation is.

Is liquor allowed? 

Yes, but not supplied. 

Where do we go to the bathroom?

You’ll be required to create catholes. Catholes should be dug at least 200 feet (60M) from water sources, walking trails, or campsites. Always use the buddy system when adventuring away from camp. Carry bear spray. The rule of the trip is if you go to the bathroom you come back with a stick for the fire. There is an outhouse at Wokkpash Lake.

How many guides will be there?

Two experienced guides will be present during the trip to provide support and knowledge. An In-Reach Satellite communication device will be carried which provides two-way messaging and contact to helicopter support in the unlikely event an emergency occurs, and a local helicopter company will be aware of our whereabouts for the duration of the trip.

Can we day hike?

There is no leaving the group for day hikes, or other adventuring. We try to stick to a group as best as possible. Even on the trail, we must all see each other unless you note the guide otherwise.

Will you send out a detailed itinerary?

Yes, we will send out a detailed plan of our day-to-day activities. But on a trip like this it is good to know river levels control our days and weather can impact what we do in a day. The river is sometimes not passable due to flooding. This is part of working in the mountains, you never know what the day will bring.

What about bears & wildlife?

We follow great bear safety as travelling in a group to start. There are small and big game on the trail. We share the trails with them. Porcupines and marmots have been a problem on previous trips. Make sure your supplies are in dry bags. It’s hard to store food in certain places so we do our best to stay bear safe. A gun will be carried by guides to provide safety. Food items will be stored away from camp when possible. There are two bear caches on the trail but not at every base. There will be one at Wokkpash Lake. Bearproof dry bags are available to rent! 

Are dogs allowed?

There are no other dogs allowed on this trip. Only guides are allowed to bring their dogs. 

What if the plane can’t land due to the weather? 

This happens more often in the mountains as the weather can change fast. We pack an extra day of food for this kind of situation. Two planes will be coming out of Wokkpash to Muncho, and we can’t promise both trips will make it on the same day. We suggest not booking your flights home on the same day and having a day or two in between flights if travelling home by plane. Trip insurance on your flight to location would be a great thing to add if travelling to the area by plane and looking at same day/night flights. 

Is there cell service?

There is no cell service on the trail. If you have a Satelittle communication device I suggest bringing it. Once we get to the lodge you will be given a wifi password. There will be no phones aloud at dinner (scrolling). Every year I get shown that even when given wifi we all end up walking around the shore enjoying each other without staring into a phone. It’s a lost art in this world today. 

Do you have to tip the guides? 

The success of each trip depends on our excellent staff. If you received great service on the trip we always recommend leaving a tip, we don’t have a price range. Whatever you feel is best. Leaving a tip makes our guides feel valued and appreciated. Our tour guides are the reason these trips run and what not better way to thank them from a great trip! 


Peak Wyld Co carries satellite email systems for use in emergencies. Inreach Garmin. 

Liability Insurance

Peak Wyld Co carries liability insurance, as required by the conditions of the Park Use Permit.

Where can I find the most up-to-date COVID-19 information and travel requirements? 



 Travel costs to reach the trailhead are the responsibility of the participant. Transportation will not be provided to the trailhead by Peak Wyld Co, but in an initiative to reduce congestion at the trailhead parking area, we will help organize carpooling during our backpack preparation night (zoom meeting). If carpooling with someone I suggest $100 to split the gas! 

Here are a few options for participants who want to fly to the location. 

1. Air service to Fort Nelson is provided by Central Mountain Air. The most
economical airfare includes flights from Vancouver to Prince George with a major carrier like Air Canada or Westjet, and then a flight from Prince George to Fort Nelson with Central Mountain Air.

2. Folks can also fly to Fort St. John and obtain ground transportation with Peak Wyld Co from there with travels. Please contact us about this topic if you would like to discuss this option.


Super 8 

Woodlands Inn 

Lakeview Inn & Suits

For any other questions please feel free to reach out to us at jocelyn@peakwyldco.ca and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


July 21 @ 10:00 am
July 29 @ 12:00 pm
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Wokkpash Lake, Stone Mountain Provincial Park
Northern Rockies B, BC V0C 2X0
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