A question I get asked is how do I know what backpack is for me? 

Well, let’s start with capacity. 

Weekend 1-3 Nights 30-50 Litres 

Multi-day 3-5 Nights 50-80 Litres 

Extended Trip 5+ Nights 70+ Litres 

Be aware that packing light requires self-discipline and careful planning. Pulling this off the reward is fantastic but can be risky. 

Now let’s talk about sizing. When measuring a backpack you go from c7(the bump on the bottom of your neck), then you’re going to place your thumbs on top of your hips and point to each other and that will give you an accurate measurement. The two points and measure in between. That would be your torso length. 

Your backpack is measured in torso length, not your height. Each brand is different and will give you a size chart. Always make sure to check the size when ordering. I get a ton of gear questions and always want to share tips I’ve learned along the way! 

I get asked what bag I use on my multi-day trips. Tag the link below to check out “Mystery Ranch Marshall Pack” for more information! 


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