Kayak Rentals

Kayak Rentals

We have day and weekend rentals available for you in the the Fort St. John, BC and surrounding area.  We have 4 lake kayaks to rent reach day!

Hours & Price:


Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM. 

$75/weekend rate. 

Saturday 9:00 AM to Sunday 9:00 PM. 

Included: Kayak, Paddle, Cell-phone case. 

If you need a different pick up/drop off time for the day or weekend that can be arranged depending on what is needed. If you have any questions regarding the rentals please reach out to me at jocelyn@peakwyldco.ca for inquiries or give me us a call at 250-263-7302. 

Must be 19+ to rent. 19 and under allowed to kayak but rental must be booked through the parent and have given consent in waiver. You will need a truck or proper roof rack to transport. 4 Straps included. 

Registration and waiver form must be completed before information on Pick up/Drop off in Charlie Lake area, BC given. Not Included: lifejackets. Must supply your own life jacket. We recommend lifejacket use in all water activities. 

For any rental booking we require 48 hours notice to cancel. If proper notice is not given then the payment will not be refunded.