BEST TIP FOR COOKING WITH KIDS – Start small and keep it fun. 

We live out of town 45 minutes and take out is rare in our family. We love to cook and Wylder has watched me cook hundreds of meals by now. Before Christmas time he really started to show interest in cooking and helping, this age they’re so curious and helpful. Sometimes a little too helpful but that’s half the fun. 

I found this knife set and it made for the perfect gift, and one that we use daily since he has opened it. As soon as he sees me heading for the kitchen he grabs his chair and helps me prep dinner. He is turning into quite the little chef if I do say so myself. 

Food is a big part of our family. We harvest our own animals for meat, we grow our own gardens for fresh vegetables. I grew up with a mom who loved to can and preserve as much food as possible. Another tradition being passed down to little man that I strongly agree in! We have embraced farming into his life the minute he was born. He has been surrounded by cows, chickens, and all sorts of animals. We love to live the farm to table life and this knife set is the perfect tool in our kitchen. 

A ton of you have been asking for the link and here it is! 

Now have some fun and bring those kiddos in the kitchen to make some meals. It’s messy. It’s fun and most importantly they learn what to do in the kitchen at a very young age. – CLICK LINK. 

13 Pieces Montessori Kitchen Tools for Toddlers